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“I Was Tired Of Losing $30k, $50k, Even $100k Deals Because I Missed A Seller’s Phone Call…”

Ryan & Morgan in Spain
Ryan & Morgan in Spain

Hey there, I’m Ryan Dossey—full-time Real Estate Investor, Licenced Broker, and Founder of CallPorter.

Whether you’re only hunting for deals on the weekends, or you’re managing projects around the clock, we all have this one problem: Trying to return every phone call is impossible.

And this is an issue, especially if you want to start making more money in real estate. Because the truth is, if you don’t have a trusted partner handling your inbound calls, you’ll continue leaving tens-of-thousands of dollars on the table each month in missed opportunities.

The problem many investors make is outsourcing their calls to an untrained assistant with zero REI knowledge! Plus, hiring a full-time employee to handle your calls is expensive—both in terms of your time and money.

After dealing with these challenges for 4 years, I went hunting for a solution. But I quickly realized there were no live answering services that specialized in real estate investing. Nobody could deliver the exact service needed to help me close more deals without working more.

So, I decided to set up my own internal team. After seeing how many more deals I was closing, my investor friends started asking if they could “hire” my team to take their calls.

Several successful months later, with a waiting list of Real Estate Investors, Call Porter was born and we now handle inbound seller leads for more than 50 companies across the US. And if you’re ready to join them and start closing more deals each month—without becoming a slave to your cell phone’s ringtone—then click the button below to sign up for Call Porter today:

Created By Investors, For Investors

Our Team Of Professionally Trained, U.S. Based Agents Gives You
The Freedom And Power To Profit In Any Market

Make More Money

To make more money in Real Estate Investing, you need to talk to more sellers. And with our trained team handling your calls, you’ll never again have a “ready-to-sell” lead slip through your fingertips.

Simplify Your Workflow

When you sign up for Call Porter, you instantly eliminate over 50% of the acquisition process as we handle all your screening, qualifying, and scheduling with sellers.

Enjoy More Freedom

When you no longer need to answer and return every phone call, you will have the freedom to focus on what matters most for your business: raising capital, networking, focusing on dispositions and project management.

Dominate Any Market

Entering new markets is now as easy as turning on your marketing and waiting for seller appointments to show up on your calendar. You no longer need to spend your precious time screening and qualifying every lead who contacts you—we handle this for you.

Cut Costs & Headaches

On average, Call Porter is less than half the cost of a full-time employee, and our reps are experts in understanding how short sales, probates, and other situations affect property value.

Buy With Confidence

Our trained reps tease out each intricate detail from your seller leads, so you have everything you need to make an offer with confidence - even if you never see the property.

Ready To Grow Your Real Estate Investing Business?

Call Porter Was Built Exclusively For Investors Who Never Want To Miss Another Deal

In Just 48 Hours You’ll Have Our Fleet of Professionally-Trained Real Estate Experts
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