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Listen To A $36,000 Conversation

Our client ran this appointment, made an offer, and wholesaled this house for a gross profit of over $36,000. How much money are you leaving on the table with missed calls? Listen in as Crissy turns this prospect into an appointment:

In Less Than 48 Hours, You Can Have The Call Porter Team Managing & Qualifying Your Inbound Seller Leads

Trusted by More than 150 Real Estate Investing Companies

Here’s What Some of Them Have To Say About Call Porter...

I've been investing in real estate for 10 years, and wish I had something like Call Porter for most of them. They are all absolute professionals that I trust my clients and sellers with. In fact, they treat my sellers like I would, and that not only helps with my company reputation, but helps me scale my business while people are being expertly taken care of. The technology and systems they are helping me put in place are invaluable!
Anson Young
Anson Young
19:39 03 Oct 17
Wow, these guys are excellent! They've really distinguished themselves with excellent customer service in the real estate investing industry. I am thoroughly impressed by the professionalism and service Call Porter provides!
Joey DeFilippo
Joey DeFilippo
18:42 30 Oct 17
Call Porter has been an invaluable resource for me and my clients for the last 2 years. I work with investors all over the Country who market for their own deals, and the chief complaint I hear is on how to handle the calls. Call Porter's Representatives speak Real Estate all day every day. Between their skill on the phone and having every call live answered, I've seen closure rates jump 200% or more.
Jerry Puckett
Jerry Puckett
18:48 18 Sep 17
Excellent Service and the owners are always in constant communication to be sure you're 100% satisfied. I would not hesitate to recommend them!
Bryan Blankenship
Bryan Blankenship
22:07 21 Oct 17
Takes the grunt work out of fielding calls and then gives you the opportunity to talk to sellers with the right information in front of you before you speak to them. A lot of time is saved as a result. Great service!!
Jeremiah Dalton
Jeremiah Dalton
19:51 13 Oct 17
If you want a professional answering service to handle your hot leads for real estate then Call Porter is the right company. After spending a great amount of money and time on direct mail, the last thing I wanted was for these hot leads to get thrown into voice mail. The best part of Call Porter is they are real estate trained and know just what to ask the customer. Highly recommended.
anthony debiasi
anthony debiasi
14:36 07 Nov 17
We've been using Call Porter's services for about 3 months now, and we couldn't be happier with our decision. Both my partner and I work full time, so catching the phone calls as they rolled in was a challenge. Now we get an email notification every time one of Call Porter's people modifies our CRM, and then call back the lead within the hour. Not only that, but the callers populate the CRM with lots of key information from the call because they know which questions to ask. They only provide services to Real Estate clients, which means their mindset is focused on businesses just like ours. I used to think that I was the most qualified person to answer the calls, but I've come to find that the best use of my time is going on appointments and being face to face will sellers. Call Porter even sets up the appointments, if they reach that point in the dialogue, and we just have to show up and close deals. Very happy customers here!
Michael Rigoni
Michael Rigoni
20:58 07 Nov 17
I have been using Call Porter for not even a month, and have already gotten a deal under contract. At this point my biggest dilemma is to buy it or whole sale it. This is a deal that I would have missed because I rarely can get to the phone in time to answer. Ryan and his team answers on time, every time, and they are way better than I could ever hope to be. They feed all information into my CRM and I call the sellers back and take it from there. Thanks again guys, Life Changer!
Nick Vehr
Nick Vehr
23:01 03 Oct 18
Ryan Dossey is without question one of the brightest, genuine, and driven individuals I know within the real estate business. I have met thousands of real estate experts and Ryan stands out above all of them due to his simplistic methods and ways of striving for excellence in everything he does. If you are looking for not one of, BUT THE BEST, call service look no further. Call Porter and the team behind Call Porter is truly as good as it gets and i'm here to recommend them over and over again! Amazing company, service, and leaders.
JZ Home Buyers
JZ Home Buyers
01:51 04 Oct 18
Ever since I started working with this company several months ago I've had nothing but fantastic customer service. These guys are sharp, responsive and on the ball. Looking forward to a long and fruitful business relationship with Justin and everyone else at Call Porter.
Jon Binder
Jon Binder
19:54 01 Oct 18
Call Porter has been a huge help in my business. It has freed me up from the phones and allowed me to focus on the most important tasks. I have seen my business increase by having the calls answered live, and booking appts right away with motivated sellers. It allows me to act quickly when someone is ready to sell and get to them before my competition does.
Danny O'Bannon
Danny O'Bannon
18:26 12 Jul 18
Justin and his team made a game changer in our business. They follow instructions closely and they're know what they're doing. Their reps are trained more than what I could train my lead managers, and I had 4.They're always willing to help and to improve and it's impressive. Thank you guys keep your hard work!
Guy Nizri
Guy Nizri
17:01 17 May 18

For Investors Who Hate Losing Deals

Call Porter Is The World’s Only Live Answering Service & Lead Management System Built Exclusively For Real Estate Investors Who Want To Buy And Sell More Properties - Without Working Harder Or Being Glued To The Phone  

real estate answering service - call porter

Built By Investors, For Investors

First Impressions Can Make or Break a Deal - Call Porter’s Staff Are All Expertly Trained In All Aspects of Real Estate And Work Exclusively With Real Estate Investors.

real estate investor phone systems by call porter

Proprietary CRM Software

Call Porter’s Proprietary Customer Relationship Management Software Means Our Reps Can Instantly Identify Which Lead Is Calling. This Allows Us To Deliver A Unique Experience Your Leads Will Love.

#1 real estate investor CRM

Appointment Scheduling & Management

Our Friendly, US Based Reps Qualify, Screen And Setup Appointments With Ready-To-Sell Leads So You Only Ever Deal With The Highest Quality Prospects.

With Call Porter’s Proven Systems, Scripts & Staff Handling All Your Inbound Calls, You’ll Finally Be Free To Focus on Actually Growing Your Real Estate Business.

Customer Satisfaction
Transparent Communication

Close More Deals

The Call Porter team screens, qualifies, and schedules appointments with sellers who’re ready to sell so you can stop wasting your time with bad-leads.

Enjoy More Freedom

Closing new deals is as easy as firing up your marketing. Stop spending hours on the phone qualifying and persuading your leads - Call Porter handles all this for you.

Save Money & Time

An assistant handling your inbound calls costs at least $1,600 per month (not to mention the time you’ll waste months training them). Call Porter costs a fraction of this and our staff are all expertly trained in all aspects of Real Estate Investing.

Dominate Your Market

If you’re personally taking your inbound calls, you will never grow your business. With Call Porter, you can easily take 50, 75 even 100 calls per week without spending an extra minute on the phone yourself. Finally, you can ramp up your marketing and start buying more properties.

Ready To Grow Your Real Estate Investing Business?

Call Porter Was Built Exclusively For Investors Who Never Want To Miss Another Deal

In Just 48 Hours You’ll Have Our Fleet of Professionally-Trained Real Estate Experts
Handling All Your Inbound Calls So You Can Focus On Investing, Closing Deals
And Growing Your Business

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